Privacy and Security Features Crammed in iOS 16

Privacy and Security Features Crammed in iOS 16

Are you here to find out the “privacy and security features crammed in iOS 16”? Then you have come to the right place.

In today’s world where a stockpile of our data resides on the internet, it is normal to question if it is secure. Apple equips its devices with a score of features to help you protect data online. Its security features range from biometric authentications and passkeys to automated security checks.

This article will take you through the iPhone’s security features. Utilizing these features will help in enhancing your privacy protection and online security. 

Secured Access to Your iPhone 

Restricting access to your device is the first step toward securing yourself. Apple gives you the following options to prevent unwanted access to your device:

  • Set up a strong password: You can set up a strong password to lock your phone until the password is entered.
  • Biometrics to unlock the device: FaceID and TouchID use facial recognition and fingerprint to unlock your device.
  • Find My iPhone: In case your phone is lost or stolen, this feature allows you to prevent anyone from accessing the lost phone.

Secure Sign-in | Privacy and Security Features Crammed in iOS 16

Various websites and apps require you to register yourself with them to use their services. The username and password you use to register and sign in are vulnerable to leakage. Apple provides you with alternative sign-in methods to keep you secure.

  • Passkeys: This feature uses your FaceID and TouchID to log you into websites and apps preventing the need for a password.
  • Sign in with Apple: This feature allows use your Apple ID for secure sign-in to websites instead of using usernames and passwords
  • Password generator: You can let your iPhone generate and store a strong password for sites you register into.
  • One-Time Passwords (OTPs) sent to your device are filled automatically. This prevents anyone from spying on them.   

Manage Shared Information

  • Safety Check: This feature allows you to manage information like location that you have shared with someone. If your safety is at risk, this feature helps you stop sharing any information with a certain person.
  • App permissions: Apps need permissions before they can access things like your data, location, and hardware.

Email Protection

  • Hide My Email: You can generate a unique random email address that forwards emails to your main account. This hides your real email address.
  • Mail Privacy Protection: This feature prevents email senders from using your IP address to track you.

Protection over Web Browsing 

  • iCloud Private Relay prevents websites from creating a profile about you based on your browsing activity.  
  • Intelligent tracking prevention blocks trackers encountered when you visit a webpage.

I hope this article has helped you in finding “privacy and security features crammed in iOS 16”.

Privacy and Security Features Crammed in iOS 16

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