Lucrative mailing with the new iOS 16

Lucrative mailing with the new iOS 16

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Apple always believed in improving and enhancing its features with innovations. The outstanding features provided in Apple iOS 15 are improved and redefined in iOS 16, which brings about improvements across the board.  With iOS 16, mail receives minor upgrades that together significantly improve its usability and functionality.

Schedule sent

When you’re finished writing a new email, you may now press and hold the blue Send arrow rather than merely tapping it. You can still choose to send the email right away, but it also contains all of the new Send Later features.

Follow up

Put sent emails to the top of your inbox so you can send a follow-up right away. Even if it improved with each succeeding beta release of iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, this remains a strong option for the worst new feature ever.

Composing emails with rich link

You may also see rich links in Apple Mail. In other words, a brief preview of the website will be shown in the email rather than a URL to the website. The title of the page is usually placed beneath a picture from the top of the website in the preview. Tap anywhere on a message that has a preview like that to access the website.

You only need to copy the website address and paste it to send such a preview. With one helpful exception, before you even press Return, Apple Mail will transform that URL into a preview.

Remind me

Never ignore an opened email that you neglected to respond to. Choose a day and time for messages to reappear in your inbox. Because in this circumstance, the majority of third-party email programmes erase the problematic email. They assume that if you want to forget about something for, say, an hour, you do not want to be reminded of it until then.

Smart search correction

With intelligent search, your results improve by correcting typos and using synonyms for search terms.

BIMI support

You can quickly recognise authenticated email messages with BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) verified brand iconography. This shows that strict security and authentication standards have been completed by the sender.

Undo send feature

Before your email message reaches the recipient’s inbox, you can quickly and easily unsend it. After sending an email, you have ten seconds to alter your mind. To retract the email, click “Undo send” at the bottom of the screen.

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Lucrative mailing with the new iOS 16

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