How to take Screenshots in iPhone 14, Pro and Max versions

How to take Screenshots in iPhone 14

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Apple launched its new devices on 7th September 2022 in India. With the much-awaited launch of the next generation of iPhones, Apple launched four variations of the iPhone 14: iPhone 14, 14 Max, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max. Everybody was curious about what new Apple might or might not bring this year. Customers wanted a fresh and unique look for their iPhones. For people in India, the iPhone is not just a phone but a symbol of status. Luckily, Apple has hit the mark of adding a newer look to their latest generation of iPhones. Dynamic Island has hit the spot. While the rest of the design is similar to last year’s, a new set of 48mp camera lenses is the most significant camera improvement in an extended period. 
Apple is though slow to add new features to their iPhones. When it does, then it beats everyone else. This year they have added a new feature in their screenshot category. Users can now take not just regular screenshots but even scrolling screenshots. They have also added a new option for copying and deleting. Let’s check out the steps involved in taking a screenshot on your new iPhone 14. 

Taking regular screenshots in iPhone 14

1. To have a screenshot, press the side button and the volume up button simultaneously (you can also press one immediately after the other)
2. You can select more possibilities for five seconds by tapping the screenshot thumbnail in the lower left corner. – If you don’t do anything, the Photos app will store it.
3. You may mark up a screenshot by tapping the thumbnail. For fast alternatives, hit the share icon in the upper right corner (a square with an up arrow).
4. For the convenient new Copy and Delete option, tap Done in the upper left corner.

Taking scrolling screenshots

1. Take a picture (press the side button and volume up button at the same time)
2. Before it vanishes, tap the thumbnail in the lower left corner.
3. In the top right corner, select Full Page.
4. The Full Page option is available only when there is more material on the screen than one page.
5. Before saving, you may utilize markup, inspect every page, and more.
6. You may also select the portion of the Full Page you want to save by tapping the crop button (a square-shaped icon next to “Done”).
7. You may now copy and delete items by tapping the share button in the top right.
8. The screenshot feature enables you to take PDFs of every document, note, email, or webpage in one of Apple’s applications.

I hope this article has helped you find “How to take Screenshots in iPhone 14”.

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How to take Screenshots in iPhone 14, Pro and Max versions

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