Health and fitness features in iOS 16

Health and fitness features in iOS 16

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The biggest update in iOS 16 is Fitness, which gives your iPhone a built-in tool for measuring how much you exercise each day. The Fitness app’s activity ring tracks your progress toward achieving your movement objectives and helps you unlock achievements when you do. Using their progress towards achieving their exercise objectives to inspire you, you can even share your activity with friends and family.

Monitor your medications Health and fitness features in iOS 16

The Health app now has a new area called “Medications,” which can be found by going to the Browse section and scrolling down to Medications or by typing it into the search field. To keep the medication tracking of the prescription drugs, vitamins, and supplements that you take, make a list of them. Also, you can add unique images to make them simple to recall. 

Reminders for medications

The iPhone will notify you when it’s time to take your medication once you’ve added it to the Health app and chosen a time and day to take it. All of the medications in the Health app that have a schedule can send you notifications related to health sharing.

Keep records of medications

You can use a reminder or the Health app to record when you’ve taken your medicine. You can gain insight into your medication adherence and comprehend when you’ve taken your pills with the help of interactive charts.

Health Invitations

Invite your family members to safely share their health information with you. They can decide which information to share when they receive your invitation.

Sleep Tracker

WatchOS 9 and iOS 16 add additional features for people who wear the Apple Watch to bed to track their sleep. You may determine how well you slept by comparing the categories of Awake, REM, Core, and sleep data collected by the Apple Watch. 

Tracking of Fitness Activity

To use the Fitness app on iOS 15 and prior, you required an Apple Watch, however, this has changed in iOS 16. The iPhone’s motion sensors can be used in conjunction with the Fitness app to track your level of exercise. The iPhone can track third-party exercises, estimate steps and distance traveled, and provide information on the number of calories you’ve expended during the day.

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Health and fitness features in iOS 16

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