Enhanced Accessibility of iPhones with iOS 16 Update

Enhanced Accessibility of iPhones

Are you here to find out “Enhanced accessibility of iPhones with iOS 16 update”? Then you have come to the right place.

Among many huge updates, Apple has launched new features to enhance the accessibility of iPhones with its new iOS 16. These new features assist users with disabilities to improve interaction with their devices. More so, these features let people with disabilities use their mobile devices to interact better with their surroundings. 

This article will give you insights into the Accessibility features of iOS 16. 

Features aiding the Visually Impaired

Apple offers multiple features to assist its visually impaired users, that help them control their iPhones and interact with their surroundings

  • VoiceOver gives an audio description of objects on your screen. It can identify and describe text, objects, and people displayed on your screen. 
  • Dictation is available to help type better. Just speak what you want to type and this feature types it for you.
  • Accessibility shortcuts allow you to use gestures like triple touch and long pressing the power button to make your iPhone perform a certain task.
  • Hover Text enlarges the text in the region that you are hovering over to make it more visible.
  • Use Speak Screen to read the text on the screen out loud.
  • Magnifier uses the camera and device AI to provide features like Door Detection, People Detection, and Image Description.


Features Aiding Users with Motor Disabilities

If a user’s disability hinders him from navigating the device, he can use the accessibility of iPhones to control them.

  • Use Voice Control to navigate and control your device without moving an inch. Start and end calls with just voice commands.
  • Create custom gestures as alternatives to default gestures like pinch-zoom that AssistiveTouch is easier for you to perform.
  • Head Tracking lets you control a pointer on the screen by tracking your facial movement through the camera.

Assistance to Deaf users | Enhanced Accessibility of iPhones

  • Apple provides multiple features to make their devices accessible to deaf people. They can interact with their device and make let them help them out in their daily activities.
  • Media on screen can be transcribed by using the Live Captions feature.
  • Sound Recognition recognizes certain sounds like alarms and notifies the deaf user.
  • Users can communicate on FaceTime using sign language. Live Captions transcribe the other person’s words to help the user communicate better.
  • Sensory Alerts alert the user about notifications through vibration and haptics  

Features for Users with Cognitive Disabilities

  • iPhones have accessibility features to help people that face difficulty in focusing, reading, writing, and learning.
  • Scribble converts the letters you jot down into typed texts.
  • Spoken Content lets you listen to the screen’s content or hear what you type.
  • Remember things you might forget like passwords, card numbers, and usernames with iCloud Keychain.
  • Let your phone predict what your next word should be with Predictive Text.
  • Use Focus to minimize distractions and help you concentrate on the task at hand.

I hope this article has helped you in finding “enhanced accessibility of iPhones with iOS 16 update”.

Enhanced Accessibility of iPhones with iOS 16 Update

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