Additional Features Offered in the new iOS 16

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Apple has stuffed its new iOS update with staggering new features. iOS 16 has got updated lock screen, payment methods, and much more. Keeping these changes aside, Apple has added various other features to iOS 16 that make it more accessible and powerful than ever.

Follow along with this article to know these additional features in iOS 16 offered by Apple.

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Game Center Updates

You can now start playing games that use Game Center multiplayer support together with your friends while on FaceTime with them by using SharePlay.

Also, the activities and achievements of your friends and contacts now show on the new dashboard of the Game Center.

FaceTime Updates

Now you can collaborate with other apps like Files and Safari while on a FaceTime call. This can be done by tapping the Share button during a call.

Handoff allows you to move your FaceTime call to any other Apple device without hanging up.

Hide My Email

This feature on iPhones has been integrated into different apps to ease access to it. Now you can hide your email by tapping through the suggestions shown on your keyboard.

Music Recognition

Ask Siri to find out the song playing nearby by saying “Hey Siri, what’s this song?”. 

Songs are searched through Shazam and are added to its history.

Quick Notes

You can now create Quick Notes in any app through the menu button. You can now lock your notes having sensitive information with a passcode. Link Sharing for Quick Notes has also been added in this update.

Updates in Photos

You can clean the clutter by deleting duplicate photos by duplicate detection in albums. Photos you don’t want others to see? Lock your Hidden Folder and Recently Deleted album with a passcode, FaceID, or TouchID. You can also copy edits you made on one photo and apply them to other photos.

Spotlight Updates

You can now access Spotlight directly from the home screen to find things on your phone or the web. Start Live Activities right from Spotlight to keep yourself updated about events happening around you. Quick actions like starting a timer can be performed easily using Spotlight.

Features to Translate

Need help with translation of signs around you? You can translate the text around you using your phone’s camera in the Translate app. Click a frame to get the translation overlaid on the text in the image.

Weather Updates

Among the new features in iOS 16, they are features to send you an alert about any severe weather condition in your vicinity.

I hope this article has helped you in finding “Additional Features Offered in the new iOS 16″.

Additional Features Offered in the new iOS 16

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