Ionic V6 What Are The New Features and Updates?

Ionic V6 What are the New Features: Ionic V6 is a free and open-sourced UI toolkit for developing native desktop and mobile applications using standard web technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The Ionic Framework has come a long way from its days as an AngularJS-only UI toolkit to become a comprehensive cross-platform framework for creating Web Native apps.

It’s easy to pick up, integrates well with popular frameworks and libraries like Angular, Vue, and React, and, perhaps most importantly, can be utilized independently of any frontend framework. But before you pull out your laptop and specs to develop some apps, it’s important to know the nitty-gritty of the framework’s latest features and upgrades.

So, let’s go and take a look at Ionic V6 What are the New Features

Ionic V6- Components

New to the beta version of Ionic is a set of components that streamline the development process for both desktop and mobile apps. These components include the likes of Select, Modal, Datetime, Button, Accordion, and more.

Let’s dissect each one to know how’ll they simplify your App Development process.

1. Accordion

The ion-accordion is one major update in Ionic 6. When properly organized, accordions may make even the most daunting amounts of information manageable. This component has a number of useful features, such as keyboard support, decreased movement accessibility, as well as fluid animations.

2. Alert

An alert is an input-driven dialogue that either directly communicate information to the user or solicits that information from the user. The client must physically dismiss an alert that appears atop the application’s content before continuing to operate the app. Alternately, it may just consist of a header or a subHeader, or a message.

3. Modal

Since its latest revision, the ion-modal component can be applied explicitly in project templates. To show an element, programmers need to include the ion-modal> code in their template. New properties like “isOpen” as well as “trigger” have also been included. Due to these attributes, developers may reveal and conceal modals with less complexity.

4. Datetime

Owing to the unexpected nature of ions, time pickers need to accommodate a broad range of scenarios and answers. It’s been revamped to accommodate the most recent iterations of the Android and iOS timetable pickers. Improvements to the Ionic framework include a redesigned Date Time component, which, together with advanced scheduling, confinement support, plus keyboard and screen reader compatibility, is a huge leap.

5. Select

By integrating the popover user interface with ion-select, programmers can swiftly create feature-rich desktop select applications. Improvements to desktop support include updated Material Design styles and keyboard interactions for choosing presets in ion-select.

Ionic V6- Design

The iOS version now has a redesigned boost style, along with a reworked toolbar as well as modular styles, especially for the dark mode. Additionally, iOS 15 works perfectly with Ionic 6. Ionic’s input styles have been upgraded to provide more packed and outline options in Material Design mode. They’ve included a character count with new sections for error and support texts.

Ionic V6- Performance 

Since the latest version of the Ionic Framework, v6, is built with web components that load instantly and that take advantage of modern Web APIs, your apps will run as quickly as their native counterparts. Improvements in Ionic Framework6 app speed and packaging are possible thanks to user input on Stencil’s most impressive features.

The Custom Elements build is a new addition to the Framework, introduced in version 6. This assembly of elements doesn’t rely on Stencil’s slow loading, and it helps bundlers include just the parts of your program that are really being used. As a result, your application’s total size will be reduced.


This wraps up all the data we’ve on the beta version of the Ionic 6 framework. Download and run the new version, take advantage of the new features, and explore how you can use it to build brilliant web applications, but a few of the critical functions are still in the pipeline as the framework moves from beta to final launch.

Ionic V6 What Are The New Features and Updates?

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