api.js not found ios 15 build error in Ionic – Xcode

api.js not found error ios15

Ionic build error iOS 15 api.js not found: Recently we started upgrading our iOS application to support iOS 15. It was a major update as we were required to migrate to the latest Xcode version and in turn, migrate to the latest macOS version for our machine. After finishing the Xcode and macOS update when we ran the build command it was giving “api.js not found error “in our ionic app. We were using platform version 4.5 for our iOS app so far. After doing some search on google and trying different solutions provided on the internet we found that upgrading to platform version 5.0 solved the issue for us.

App stuck at splash screen iOS 15 upgrade

We were using Cordova 4.5 and using Xcode version 10 for building our application so far. Our app stopped working on IOS version 15. We found that in order to upgrade the app to the latest iOS 15 version we need to update Xcode to the latest version. After upgrading Xcode and adding the latest cordova iOS platform our app build was successful, but our app got stuck at splash screen.

After browsing a lot of articles we found that our code was not compatible with the latest version of Cordova. Degrading our Cordova version to 5 solved the issue for us. We were successfully able to build the application and run our app.

What worked for us api.js not found Error iOS 15 ?

We were able to resolve the issue “api.js not found error in iOS 15” by running below mentioned command.

sudo ionic cordova platform rm

sudo ionic cordova platform add [email protected] 
sudo ionic cordova platform add ios

In most cases running the below-mentioned command to install the latest Cordova platform version will solve the issue. But if your app is not compatible with the latest version and is stuck on splash screen in iOS 15, you can try installing version 5.0 as mentioned above. it should solve your issue.

So if you are building an ionic app to support iOS 15, above mentioned command will help you solve your build error. In case you are still stuck, please try all solutions mentioned in the link here.

Happy Coding.

api.js not found ios 15 build error in Ionic – Xcode

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