Mongo DB

How to Join two collections in MongoDB

To join MongoDB collections, you can use the MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline, which provides a set of operators to perform operations such as grouping, filtering, and transforming data. The $lookup operator is used to perform a left outer join between two collections. Here is an example of how to join two collections in MongoDB using the […]

Why You Should Choose MongoDB For Blockchain Development

In today’s digital society, data is king. Through advancements in technology, we are now able to store a vast amount of information in the cloud. It’s what we term “cloud services,” and it’s where all of your data will be kept and handled. However, it is necessary to efficiently manage the data that has been […]

How to Restore from .gz backup using mongorestore?

Restore from .gz backup / mongorestore to create new DB from .gz backup files Taking a backup of stage and restoring it to our local database is a common practice followed to test and replicate any issue found on stage or prod. Due to data being transferred from the different channels the team which creates […]

Drop, Remove a MongoDB database from the command line?

For live applications, we don’t have an option to drop a collection or database by using interface. In most cases, we need to provide the deployment teams with a script to execute. The below-mentioned script can be used to drop a MongoDB database from the command line. Check out this link for more references. Here […]

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