Best practices for unsubscribing from subscriptions of Observables in Angular

When you use Observables in Angular, it’s important to make sure that you unsubscribe from them properly to avoid memory leaks. Here are some best practices for unsubscribing from subscriptions: The takeUntil operator is a common technique for unsubscribing from an Observable. You can create a subject that emits a value when the component is […]

10 best practices for creating Angular Application

In this article we will cover 10 best practices for creating Angular Application. Some samples for best practices for creating Angular Application 1: Angular Style guide. 2: Use Angular CLI 3: Use Reactive Forms 4: Lazy Loading 5: Use a state management Library 6: Use AOT Compilation 7: Use Dependency Injection 8: Use Observables 9: […]

How to Pass Data Between Components in Angular

Are you here to find how to Pass Data Between Components in Angular, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss different ways of passing data between components. Angular is ideal for creating business apps, e-commerce apps, mobile apps with engaging animations, and progressive web apps that function offline, and […]

Angular 14: What’s New, A Significant Improvement Over Its Predecessor

The tech giant, Google has finally released Angular 14. Moreover, it solves the problems that developers have been discussing on Github and other online discussion boards. The Angular 14 update is currently accessible to developers and comes with extensive documentation. Mainly, it’s meant to make things easier for developers and speed up application development and […]

Why Programmers Still Love Using Angular in 2022

Without a shadow of a doubt, React is triggering a front-end revolution in regards to picking a strategy for building interfaces. It seems like Angular has been around for quite some time. Yet the framework we know today was not published until 2016. Although React was launched in 2013, it wasn’t until Facebook switched from the […]

Set-Cookie in response header not stored in the browser, not working

Set-Cookie missing in the browser: You call an API they send you the response with set-cookie in response headers, now the expectation is the cookie should be stored in the browser with proper values. But to your surprise, the cookie passed in the set-cookie response header is mysteriously missing from your browser cookies list. You […]

Dynamic Page Title Angular / Meta Tags in Angular

Dynamic page titles in Angular / Dynamic meta tags in Angular / Set dynamic keywords in Angular / Set dynamic description in Angular. Page titles and Meta tags are key to SEO. Angular provides two important services that we can inject in our components to dynamically set page title and meta tags. These two services […]

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