Month: February 2022

What is Machine Learning?: A Perfect Guide for 2022

Whether you believe it or not, we have been utilizing the benefits of machine learning for years. Most of us find it difficult to go a day without utilizing a machine learning application. But what is machine learning, exactly? Although the term “machine learning” is in trend for a long time, many people are still […]

Everything about Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing has the aim to build machines that interprets and replies to text or voice data. Moreover, reverts back with text or speech automatically, in a way a human does.  What is natural language processing? Natural Language Processing(NLP) is a branch of computer science, more particularly speaking, a branch of Artificial Intelligence — […]

3 Cloud Computing Services and How They are Used?

When you stream your album online, shop at an e-commerce store or answer your work email from your home system, you are taking advantage of cloud computing.  What is Cloud Computing? But do you really know what cloud computing is?  Cloud Computing is a type of computing in which networks, storage, applications, security, and development […]

Why Cloud Computing is Important in Data Science?

Consider a small company that wants to use data analytics to improve its services and gain an edge over its competitors. In addition to generating data, this company uses third-party data to gain insights. But how can this data be used effectively? After all, this is not Google or Facebook! It does not have the […]

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