Month: November 2021

How to Download a file in NodeJS- ExpressJS?

Downloading a file is a common requirement when working with applications. At times you want some user data formatted in the desired format to be downloaded and provided to the user. We will provide code to download files in node js using express. Code to download file in express JS NodeJS The above file can […]

api.js not found ios 15 build error in Ionic – Xcode

Ionic build error iOS 15 api.js not found: Recently we started upgrading our iOS application to support iOS 15. It was a major update as we were required to migrate to the latest Xcode version and in turn, migrate to the latest macOS version for our machine. After finishing the Xcode and macOS update when […]

How to Restore from .gz backup using mongorestore?

Restore from .gz backup / mongorestore to create new DB from .gz backup files Taking a backup of stage and restoring it to our local database is a common practice followed to test and replicate any issue found on stage or prod. Due to data being transferred from the different channels the team which creates […]

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