Month: September 2021

Drop, Remove a MongoDB database from the command line?

For live applications, we don’t have an option to drop a collection or database by using interface. In most cases, we need to provide the deployment teams with a script to execute. The below-mentioned script can be used to drop a MongoDB database from the command line. Check out this link for more references. Here […]

Position of Carousel Arrow outside images, colour change Bootstrap

Position Carousel arrow bootstrap: You create a carousel and find that the next and prev arrow is hidden by the images in your carousel. It takes away the feature of the carousel as the buttons to navigate forward and backwards is hidden behind the colour of your images. You can add the below-mentioned styles in […]

Set-Cookie in response header not stored in the browser, not working

Set-Cookie missing in the browser: You call an API they send you the response with set-cookie in response headers, now the expectation is the cookie should be stored in the browser with proper values. But to your surprise, the cookie passed in the set-cookie response header is mysteriously missing from your browser cookies list. You […]

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